Yutu typhoon hits Philippines, Nine dead and 20 missing in landslides

Nine people are confirmed dead and more than 20 people still missing after landslide and flood triggered by typhoon Yutu north in the Philippines on Tuesday.

Yutu hit the Philippines on Tuesday morning (local time) with wind power indicating hurricane category 1, with winds up to 64 meters per second. The heavy storm was weaker than the typhoon that hit the country last month, where about 100 people died.

Many trees are uprooted and buildings were demolished due to landslides. Disaster relief authorities of Philippines are working around the affected area and announced on Wednesday that they fear the no of casualties may rise, many of the missing are buried by the landmasses.

A family of 4 members, father and 3 kids were killed when their home was buried due to landslides near town of Banaue in Ifugao province, 261 kilometers north of Manila.

Affected area by Yutu.
Photo: Google Crisis Map

Two people were announced dead after another shoot took three buildings in the city of Natonin in a mountain area in the northern part of the Cordillera region. It is reported that around 31 people were present in the building when the storm hit. According to disaster leader, Ruben Carandang, the building was not a evacuation center. It would probably be a public refugee building.

“It was not an evacuation center, but some unfortunately sought shelter there, he adds. Rescue personnel had difficulty getting to the slope area in Natonin, because of the large clay masses.

Before the typhoon hit the island, about 10,000 people fled from their homes. Many of them lived in low-lying and vulnerable areas. More than 38,000 people are out of control due to typhoon, and 30 flights were canceled due to the storm.


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