Xi hopes a meeting between Kim and Trump will yield results

Chinese President Xi Jinping says he hopes a future meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un will yield results. Kim is concerned about relations with the United States.

Wednesday, Kim Jong-un set off on the train back to North Korea after visiting his fourth official visit to China, where he met Xi Jinping.

China’s president told the state’s state-owned news agency Xinhua that he hopes a new meeting between Kim and Trump will lead to “good results”. It is not yet determined when and where any meeting will take place.

Xi Jinping further says Kim Jong-un has confirmed to him that North Korea has committed itself to nuclear disarmament, writes South Korean news agency Yonhap .

Stuck to its setting

“North Korea sticks to its commitment to nuclear disarmament and that the problems on the Korean Peninsula must be resolved through dialogue and counseling, and the country will work for a new summit between North Korea and US leaders who will be welcomed by the international community,” Jong-un in a meeting with Xi Jinping, according to Xinhua.

The North Korean news agency KCNA reports that Xi has accepted Kim’s invitation to visit North Korea “at an appropriate time”.


Kim, in conversations with Xi, expressed “concern” for the lack of progress in the process of strengthening ties between the United States and North Korea and for the locked-in nuclear disarmament talks. He says the North Korean government’s “stance on bringing about a peaceful solution through dialogue is unchanged”.

“Xi Jinping said that the legitimate points North Korea are addressing are legitimate demands and that he fully agrees that North Korea’s reasonable interests should be safeguarded,” Kim said in a statement to KCNA.

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