Woman dead after ax attack on burial ground in Haugesund

The woman in her 60s who was attacked with ax on a cemetery in Haugesund is dead. A man in his 40s is charged with the murder.

The woman was attacked at 16:30 on Tuesday, and sent to hospital where she was treated for critical injuries.

In a press release on Wednesday morning, the police said the woman was dead as a result of the injuries she received.

The man in his 40s was arrested at the scene after the incident. He was first charged for attempted murder, but after the woman’s death, the charge has been extended to murder. The man is a former acquaintance of the police, and they will attempt to question him during the day.

The police first reported that the man had been walking around with ax and that they had gained control of an ax that they believed was related to the murder. Later they would not comment on what kind of weapon it was.

It is currently unknown to the police if there are any relationships between the man and the woman who were killed. Attending lawyer Anne Mette Dahle said Tuesday to VG that the woman was apparently a casual victim. Prior to the episode on the cemetery, the accused will have attempted to break into a house in Haugesund.

According to the newspaper, it is appropriate to appoint a legal psychiatric expert in the case. The defendant’s defense lawyer, Erik Lea, says to VG that he spoke to the client the night before Wednesday.

– When I talked to him last night, we didn’t talk about the matter, we just talked. He was not able to talk about the matter, he was in rather poor condition, to say so, he says.

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