Whole 1.4 billion population in a verge of dying, says WHO survey

According to a survey published in the medical journal The Lancet, more than a quarter of the world population can die soon of diabetes and cancer. A survey held by WHO says that due to lack of movement and exercise, the chances of dying before age has increased.

The UN organization recommends that adults are in moderate motion for at least 150 minutes a week or if they take a little more during the sessions, 75 minutes per week in total.

“Unlike the major global health risks, there is no lack of physical activity worldwide,” says WHO researcher Regina Guthold, who led the study.

Men are better than women to get exercise in Norway

According to the figures, 27.5% of the adult population worldwide is unable to meet the minimum target for physical activity. In Norway, between 20-30% of men train too little, while the figure is between 30-40% for Norwegian women.

The situation does not get any better. The global average has only decreased from 28.5% in 2001 to 27.5% in 2016. The slight decline shows that despite the awareness of the theme, there is not any big improvement in the figures.

The rich, western and Latin American countries like Germany, New Zealand, the USA, Argentina and Brazil, have experienced the greatest increase in passive conditions during this period.

The countries where inactivity is still the greatest problem include the Arab countries, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, as well as American Samoa. In these four countries, less than half of the adult population reaches the minimum target of recommended physical activity per week.

In rich countries, the people mostly spend their time working, living a sedentary life. Also, they rather use motorized vehicles instead of using muscle power even to visit a nearby place. These could be the reason for a large number of inactivity in these nations.

In less-hired countries, physical work is still on the job and lack of public transport and personal vehicles make people use the body more.

Uganda and Mozambique are the countries with least inactive adults, only 6 percent of the population needs more exercise there.

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