Western Norway becomes the weather winner towards the weekend

The Westerners are the weather winners at the entrance to the weekend, but otherwise it will be changing with both sun, wind, rain and snow.

From Thursday, you can almost enjoy summer temperatures of between 15 and 18 degrees in Western Norway. This is due, among other things, to the blowing effect and a high pressure in the north and a low pressure in the UK.

– Friday there will still be nice weather, but maybe a little more cloudy, and not especially with precipitation, says state meteorologist Marit Berger at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute to NTB.

Something worse this weekend

During the first part of the weekend there will be somewhat worse weather with periods of rain and sun. The precipitation will come as rain in low-lying areas and on the coast, and as snow / sleet in higher-lying areas.

Also Eastern Norway starts with relatively nice weather, the temperatures are not as high as in Western Norway, and there will also be a lot more cloudy throughout the period, and over the weekend.

– All in all, the weather in Southern Norway and Central Norway will be somewhat unstable and changing, says Berger.

Somewhat particularly hot spring weather she can’t promise is on the stairs, either in Eastern Norway or in Western Norway.

“The forecasts for next week will be quite a bit, so there will probably be a changing type of weather in the future,” she says.

Cooler in Central and Northern Norway

In Central Norway, the weather will also change considerably throughout the period, with some wind north of Trondheim. The temperatures will be lower than farther south in the country, and there will be some precipitation, in low lying areas and on the coast. This rainfall will come as rain, while again it will be snow / sleet in higher lying areas and inland.

– In Northern Norway it will be relatively cool, mostly with cold temperatures. Thus, the precipitation in the north will mostly come as snow. Far furthest north there will be some onshore wind, says Berger.

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