The Viking Conservation Party will have a re-election for the division of maternity leave

Viken Høyre wants the mother to have even more weeks at home with the children and asks the government to evaluate the current rules for parental leave.

Last year, changes were introduced to the parental leave with several weeks earmarked father, but now there can be re-enactment about the three-part parental leave, NRK reports.

The leader of Viken Høyre and the party’s family political spokesperson, Kristin Ørmen Johnsen, fear that it will affect the breastfeeding if the mother has to return to work earlier.

– We see that this third division has consequences that we do not quite see. The Directorate of Health recommends breastfeeding for eight months, but since mother is now home for seven months if she takes out absolutely everything, then we want the government to look at this, says Johnsen.

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