Verdiliberal Left-wing said no to government platform

The members of the Liberal Party’s government that voted against the Granavolden platform did so most because KrF got through the ban on fetal reduction.

It is clear from a round of questions that Klassekampen has taken with the seven councilors who voted no. Five of them confirm that a ban on so-called twin birth was crucial for their vote in January.

– This question is so fundamental to us that I could not say yes, says Deputy Constitution Løfors in Young Liberal Party.

Young Left-wing leader Sondre Hansmark confirms to the newspaper that it was the value-liberal wing in the Liberal Party that voted no to the government platform.

In addition, a protocol supply must have been added in the final decision to accept the government platform, where it is pointed out that several in the Liberal Party’s government are opposed to the tightening of the abortion law.

Other values-liberal topics mentioned as contributing reasons for voting by the members are the government platform student policy, an unchanged exploration policy in the oil and gas industry, and formulations in support of Christianity and Israel.

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