Venice introduces tourist fee

The Italian city of Venice is now introducing a fee for tourists visiting the city on day trips.

The new fee, which comes into effect from May, is EUR 3, corresponding to NOK 29. However, it is expected to double from next year on.

The charge is intended to provide revenue for the city’s public services, including garbage collectors and laundry services, which are struggling to keep the city clean.

The city with only 55,000 inhabitants is flooded by millions of tourists each year. In high season, around 75,000 tourists visit the Italian canal town.

The city has in recent years introduced a number of bans to get the tourists fit. Among other things, a ban has been imposed on being dressed in swimming gear or being topless (also men), against swimming or diving in the city’s canals or watercourses, against feeding birds or leaving behind food scraps and against using bicycles. There are high fines to break the various prohibitions.

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