Venezuela introduces stream rationing

Venezuela is introducing several measures as a result of the many power outages in the country. Among other things, the working day is shorter and electricity rationing is introduced.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced Sunday night that there will be power ration for 30 days. The statement comes just after Communications Minister Jorge Rodríguez said the working days are shorter.

“To get continuity in the supply of electricity, the government has decided to maintain the closure of the schools and introduce a shorter working day up to 14 in both the public and private sectors,” Rodríguez said.

In the last month there have been a number of power outages in the country. The longest power outage was about one week.

Maduro said on national television on Sunday that the power rationing would help deal with the power outages better. He warns against the turmoil caused by the power cuts, even though there are already polarized protests in the country because of the power struggle between the president and opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

Power failure – again

Sunday it was probably a power outage in the country. Much of the power came back in the afternoon, having been away all day. Venezuelans are expecting the flow to disappear again.

– No one can solve the problem. We were without power all day. We haven’t had water since last Monday. You can’t call by phone and you can’t pay by card or once eat, says 56-year-old Karina Camacho, who went on Sunday to buy food when the payment system in the store stopped working.

– Don’t sabotage

The Netblocks company, which monitors Internet censorship, says network data shows that only 15 percent of Venezuela was logged on after the last power outage. Water supply, telephony and the internet were off and on after the power failure across the country.

– This is not sabotage. It is the government’s responsibility to collapse the power system because they are corrupt and now they cannot fix it because they are unable to do so, writes opposition leader Juan Guaidó on Twitter.

President Nicolás Maduro accuses the United States of being behind the power cuts, without proving it. He has previously claimed that a network attack caused the previous power outages.

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