US sanctions for Iran makes spare parts for Norwegian aircraft difficult

A Norwegian plane had to make emergency landing in Iran after its engine failed to respond a week back. Passengers of the plane were safely brought back to Norway, however the plane is still in Iran because of its technical faults.
DN reports, US sanctions make Norwegian airlines struggle to get spare parts for a plane that has landed in Iran due to technical problems.

The plane was on its way from Dubai last weekend when an oil leak led to engine trouble, writes Dagens Næringsliv. The Boeing 737 machine had to undertake security landing in Iranian Shiraz.

While passengers could travel on the next day, the plane is still in Iran, and would stay there for a while until the technical problems are rectified.

“It is true that the plane is still in Iran, and it has not yet been clarified when technicians can start their work,” says communications manager Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen.

Spare parts from abroad are needed to get it back running, but US recently reintroduced sanctions against Iran and that’s preventing to deliver the spare parts in Iran. The sanctions came back in August this year, after US President Donald Trump drew the United States from the nuclear agreement with Iran.

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