The USA puts F-35 into Afghanistan for the first time

The combat plane F-35 is considered to be one of the world’s most powerful assault weapons. For the very first the USA has put forth their most advanced fighter in sharp missions.

The F-35 has all of the fuel tanks, guns and sensors inside the plane, which helps make the aircraft very difficult to detect on radar. The aircraft is equipped with advanced systems and sensors that will make it superior to air combat.

According to CNN, the planes will operate from the USS Essex warship, which will soon be in position to reach targets on the battlefield in Afghanistan.

US F-35 pilots have already conducted intelligence and support missions for their own soldiers stationed in Somalia, but have not yet participated in offensive operations to set targets on the ground, in air or at sea.

Israel be the 1st country to carry out F-35 aircraft

In May, Israel became the first country to use the F-35 aircraft in sharp missions.

We are flying with F-35 across the Middle East. It has become part of our operational forces. We are the first country to attack with the F-35 in the Middle East, and have already carried out two attacks on different fronts, “said Major General Amikam Norkin in the Israeli Air Force to Jerusalem Post.

 Norway to get 26 F-35 till 2025

Norway has ordered 52 aircraft of the same type. So far, six combat aircraft have been stationed at Ørlandet in Trøndelag. Until 2024, Norway will receive three aircraft twice a year. From 2025, NATO requires 26 Norwegian combat aircraft standing at the highest standby level, with a maximum of 30 days response time.

According to the Norwegian Armed Forces, the intake of the F-35 will make Norway tougher and faster in the event of extensions and severance missions, especially in the High North.

“The sensors make the F-35 find, follow and identify other aircraft from far distances than today. F-35 can also do this job without being detected by other aircraft. (…) Several of the most important allies and our partners have also bought F-35. A common battlefield system will therefore make multinational air operations and other military cooperation far easier and more efficient in the future. “

There are three variants of F-35.The US now uses F-35B, which has the unique feature that it can land vertically, like a helicopter. It can also take off much faster than other combat aircraft, and therefore can also operate from smaller warships, such as USS Essex.

Trump has repeatedly emphasized the aircraft’s ability to be invisible to the enemy, but according to experts, the aircraft is not invisible, although it has unique features that allow it to operate relatively undisturbed behind enemy lines.


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