The United States is planning to leave Syria in April

The United States is planning to withdraw the forces in Syria during April, writes the Wall Street Journal. A plan to protect the Kurdish forces is not in place.

US officials say to the newspaper that unless the Trump administration changes course, the military plans to withdraw a significant portion of the forces in mid-March and complete a full withdrawal by the end of April.

The Wall Street Journal is informed that the military will pay attention to the withdrawal in the coming weeks, but first, the forces will be returning to the last pockets that the jihadist group IS still has in the country. On Thursday, the US-led coalition said IS had lost 99.5 percent of its territory.

The Trump administration has not yet come up with a plan on how to protect the US-supported Kurdish forces when the Americans withdraw.

The Kurdish YPG militia, which is supported by the United States during the war against IS, is viewed by Turkey as a terrorist organization. US National Security Adviser John Bolton said in January that they are calling for security guarantees for the YPG militia now that the Americans are to withdraw from the country, but Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo says the withdrawal is taking place anyway. The Foreign Minister is nevertheless willing to try to reach an agreement with Turkey and said in January that he has faith in an agreement.

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