Tysfjord municipality acquitted in another compensation case

Two women demanded NOK 16 million in compensation for Tysfjord municipality, but lost the lawsuit. The women believe that the municipality did not intervene against extensive neglect.

– The court finds that the municipality has not acted negligently, informs the women’s lawyer Sicilie Kanebog to NRK.

She says that Ofoten District Court has pointed out that Tysfjord municipality has done what they could and that it has provided proper follow-up of the housing situation for the two women. Kanebog believes the municipality and the child welfare service acted very passively in the case, and that the measures implemented by the municipality did not lead to the girls getting better.

– We are terribly disappointed, desperate and mindful, says Kanebog.

In court, Kanebog told them that they tried to get the municipality in dialogue before they took legal action, but that it went almost ten months before they got an answer. The municipality then rejected the call to acknowledge responsibility.

Both the child welfare service and the police were warned that the girls were subjected to abuse, but the municipality’s lawyer, Roald Angell, has meant that the children were followed up in a responsible manner, and that the municipality is thus not liable for damages.

This is the second compensation case that has been raised against Tysfjord municipality in the wake of the so-called Tysfjord case, which started when eleven women and men emerged in VG in the summer of 2016 and shared their abuse stories.

In August, the municipality won the first compensation case. The District Court then considered that the plaintiff had not managed to prove that the municipality had acted irresponsibly. The appeal was rejected by Hålogaland Court of Appeal.

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