Two out of three Norwegian students do not think about retirement

Two-thirds of Norwegian students do not think about retirement, according to the Student Survey. The student leader will also have pension earnings during his or her studies.

Leader Håkon Randgaard Mikalsen of the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO) believes that the passive attitude to pensions can partly be inherited from the parents, writes Universitas .

–⁠ The parents of most people studying today do not necessarily have to actively save for retirement. I have never experienced that my parents have needed to think about retirement, but with the new pension reform it is suddenly necessary, he says.

Mikalsen says NSO wants student grants to count as a basis for pension savings.

– There are many who take long education where one does not necessarily go to a job with top salary, such as nurses and teachers. If you are going to go all that time without, you will get worse.

Consumer economist Silje Sandmæl in DNB says today’s young people will probably live longer and get much less in retirement than older people do today.

–⁠ The most common mistake you make is not to start retirement savings early enough, she says and emphasizes that you do not necessarily have to save large sums.

–⁠ Some hundred pounds a month will come in handy. Small sums can grow very large over time.

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