Twin brothers in the US finally get the same citizenship

A boy with gay father has received US citizenship as the twin brother after a California judge determined it was his birthright.

The two twin boys Ethan and Aiden Dvash-Banks were born by surrogate mother in Canada after the fathers, Israeli Elad and American Andrew, had delivered semen to fertilize one egg each.

After the birth, the family was moving to the United States, but the US authorities denied Ethan’s US citizenship, since his biological father is from Israel and he was born in Canada. The twin brother Aiden, on the other hand, became American.

On Thursday, however, Judge John Walter of California finally asserted that as a child of a person married to a US citizen, Ethan, like his brother, has the birthright of US citizenship. The judge stated that the United States cannot demand that children have biological affiliation with the parent of the United States to obtain citizenship.

The parents express great relief over the decision and say after two years of struggle they can move on with a normal life.

– This has hung over us every single day for two years. Not knowing if Ethan will be allowed to stay in the United States is something we have thought of when we spend every night, says Andrew Dvash-Banks.

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