Twelve people injured in tram collision outside Paris

French railway authorities are investigating an unusual tram collision outside Paris. Twelve people were injured in the collision on Monday night, one of them serious.

The collision occurred on Monday night, in the suburb of Issy-les-Moulineaux, southwest of Paris. According to the fire service, one person is seriously injured, while the eleven others came away from the incident with minor injuries. Nine people are brought to hospital.

– Two tram trains collided, both with passengers on board, says a spokesman for the railway operator in Paris, RATP.

The front carriage should have stopped so that the carriage behind the crash into it. This should have led to the derailment of the front carriage.

The accident led to a full stop in traffic through the night, and the bus is put in for tram the next few days in connection with the repair work.

Accidents rarely occur on these tram lines, which opened two decades ago. According to the director of RATP, Catherine Guillouard, an internal investigation has been initiated to investigate the cause.

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