Tunnel fire at Helsfyr in Oslo – blocking several subway lines

No traffic will be seen today near the subway between Tøyen and Brynseng in Oslo, due to a tunnel fire at Helsfyr. No damages reported yet. Emergency unit received an incident of wagon burning in tunnel. Around 3:20, Oslo police reached the spot. Workers evacuated themselves and no one was injured.

– We have been confirmed that everyone is out of tunnel and there are no injuries. The fire service says it burns quite heavily in that stroller. The tunnel is also quite smoky and smoke is coming out on the Helsfyr side, “says Christian Krohn Engeseth, Operations Manager at NTB.

Residents in the area have been asked to close the windows.


There are bottles of propane and acetylene on the welding wagon, which stands around 300 meters inside the tunnel.

One or more bottles had exploded, several glass at Helsfyr Metro Station were blown out, nobody were injured in connection with this.

At 4.30 pm, the police announced that the fire service considers it too dangerous to send people into the tunnel. The smoke is diminishing, but it is still not clear what it looks like at the fire place. The situation is described as unclear.

“This is a serious fire, and there will be a full stop in traffic past the fire place on Monday. Departures from the east will turn to Brynseng, says press officer Øystein Dahl Johansen in Ruter to NTB.

In a press release at 5.45, Sporveien announces that the Line 4 of the subway is set. Line runs between Holmenkollen and Majorstuen. Line 2 runs between Østerås and Hasle, while line 3 runs between Kolsås and Storer. Line 5 runs between Sognsvann and Vestli, as normal.

Use alternatives

The lorry station is also closed. Johansen encourages people to accompany the travel planner and on routes.no .

“It is being updated as quickly as possible,” said the press guard, who has a clear call before morning noise:

– If you have alternative ways to travel, use them.

Brannstedet is located between Oslo city center and the metro station at Ryen, but Sporveien says they will be able to get enough material in place in the network from their other bases.

The exit from the E6 towards the border road is also closed because of the fire, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration reports on Twitter .

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