Trondheim Cathedral School (KATTA) due to poor water quality in new pipes

Trondheim Cathedral School was closed on Monday, when the water quality proved and was not good enough after replacing the water pipeline into the school.

Assistant Rector Reidar Volden at Trondheim Cathedral School explains that the reason why the school had to stay closed Monday is the work of replacing the main water pipeline into the school.

Old main water pipeline was replaced this autumn in school.

New samples

“When water samples were taken tonight, it appeared that the water quality was not good enough. Now, new samples of water have been taken this morning and urban drift has taken a shock of the new pipes, “said Volden.

The work should have been completed this morning, but they had to stay closed to make sure that the water quality was good enough.

– At school we do not even have water in the toilets today. The water pipeline that went into the school here was from the 1920s, so this was a necessary update. There have been more leaks in the old pipes, and we have been struggling with this for several years, “explains Volden.

“Of course, we are very sorry that this has occurred. It was not met with enthusiasm this. The management, the teachers and not least the students wish it was not so, he says.

He says that they expect the school to be open as normal tomorrow.

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