Train trouble, snow and slippery roads in the Christmas traffic

Difficult driving conditions on the mountain passes affect people who are going home for Christmas, and in Agder large amounts of snow problems are seen. The train traffic hair Christmas trouble.

Friday there was single lane driving on national road 7 over Hardangervidda due to storms, and the waiting time was estimated at about one hour. Also on the county road 50 between Hol and Aurland in Buskerud, the Public Roads Administration had to introduce single lane driving due to debris.

On very many mountain crossings, it was reported both snow, snow slush, ice and slippery parts. Several transitions are also closed for the winter, like the Sognefjellet which was closed earlier this week.

The snow chaos in the south led to several incidents. On the county road 410 at Hantho in Tvedestrand, two adults and a child were sent to the emergency room after the car they put in came into the oncoming lane on the slippery track. And at Østerholtheia on the E18 in Gjerstad two truck trains were stuck.

The snow weather decreases in southern Norway

Even before the big Christmas outing, both Trygg Trafikk and NAF encouraged people to stress down, leave the mobile phone and pack Christmas gifts and other things safely in the car. December 22 is traditionally the year’s really big bulk day.

The meteorologists also warned of decreasing snow weather during Friday night, but at the same time warmer weather and a snow boundary that will draw closer to the coast in Vest-Agder. However, most of Southern Norway will stay in the weekend, while there will be some snow in Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal on Saturday. The rainfall, however, comes as rain along the coast.

In Northern Norway there will be more snow in many places on Christmas Eve.

Train Traffic

The train traffic did not go as it should Friday. The Sørlandsbanen had just managed to open for traffic after being closed for six hours between Kristiansand and Gjerstad, when a train ran on a bush between Vegårshei and Nelaug. According to Bane Nor, this was a smaller tree.

The first stop in train traffic was due to snowy trees that lay above the contact wire – the trains’ power supply. The course was closed early Friday morning and opened again at 12.30 pm after the crew had cleared the line for snow and trees.

But already at 13.15, NSB reported new problems, so the train company had to work on organizing alternative transport again.

Also in Eastern Norway, Christmas travelers were hit by train troubles, as problems on the signaling system between Svingen and Sørumsand led to both settings and delays on Friday afternoon.

Fly to the North Pole

Friday was also this year’s busiest day in air traffic in Norway, and it seems that most of the flights went to set time.

– This is the year’s busiest day with 100,000 travelers to and from Oslo airport and 250,000 in total throughout Norway. Both at Oslo Airport and generally in Norway, air traffic goes well. We have had some minor delays, but on the whole the departures have gone to set time, says communications manager Kristian Løksa in Avinor to NTB.

This also applies to the popular “Christmas departures” to Christmas destinations such as the North Pole, Skomakergata and Låven, and not least the Journey to the Christmas Star, which Oslo Airport has set up in recent days.

– They go excellent, this is a fun little thing we do just to create some extra Christmas spirit. We bet that all those who will travel to, for example, the North Pole, will arrive. Santa Claus reads up information about the flights and this is something people think is very nice, smiles Løksa

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