Train traffic on route at Lillestrøm after derailment

The train that tracked at Lillestrøm station on Wednesday morning was back on track at 3.05 on Thursday. After almost a day, traffic went back to normal

After nearly a day of halting, adjustments and delays, Bane Nor reports on Twitter at 5.04 on Thursday that things are about as normal.

– Traffic is normally left at Lillestrøm after a previous derailment. You still have to expect delays, says the latest traffic announcement from Bane Nor .

The settings after a train derailed at Lillestrøm on Wednesday morning led to chaotic conditions at Lillestrøm station on Wednesday. The trains were so full that even the conductors struggled to fit on board, Romerikes Blad reported .

The process of getting the derailed train in place proved to be very complicated.

– It has taken much more time to get the train that has tracked up on the rails again. It is a very demanding job in difficult conditions. The train tracked off with some of the wheels, so the first thing to do is get the train up, which is a very heavy job. They have to hunt and jack, there is a lot of snow, and there is even more snow during the day, in addition it is very slippery, explained media guard Ragnhild Aagesen in Bane Nor to NTB while the work was on night until Thursday.

At 3.05am the message came that the train was on track again and ready to be rolled away so that the rails could be examined for any damage and be prepared for traffic.

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