Trailer filled with salmon slide down the road in Trøndelag

A trailer truck filled with salmon slipped off the road while riding on old county road 14. Driver jumped off the truck when he realised the truck is sliding back and it started loosing control.The driver has pain in one hand and in his head, reports the police. Old county road 14 is closed. Trøndelag police reported about the incident around 10.30.

The driver jumped out before the trailer started sliding backwards, the police reported. It must be fully loaded with salmon.

Another trailer driver – Bjørn Rytter – came at the spot approx. 15 minutes after the event. One car was already on the spot.

“It looks quite dramatic, if there had been no trees here, he had gone further down. He was lucky, I would say. It’s probably about 50 meters steep slope down behind, “said Rytter on the phone from the accident site.

Even he is out driving a trailer for a local car in Trøndelag. He can confirm difficult driving conditions:

“It’s normal winter weather, that means it’s slippery,” said Rytter, who was on his way to the cabin.

The Road Traffic Center reports that the road is closed due to the accident. It’s on county road 6312 it has happened.

Source : Adressa

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