Tordenskjold-brygga store to be closed in December

In October this year, Follestad announced that he would drop down the utility store Tordenskjold Armory in Fjordgata when the year is over. Online reselling of used products had been very tough on store.

“It has been a principle on my part that we should take the price that the used items were worth. Our concept is undermined by the fact that a Hardanger canvas, worth 1500 kroner, is sold for 20 kroner on a flea market, “says Follestad.

Sales on the goods

Since the store is now being emptied, Follestad has for the first time during the 44 years the shop has been operating, posted goods on sale.

This, coupled with the news that the store is closed at the end of the year, has resulted in sales accelerating.

“I have tripled sales recently. Whether it’s because people want it cheap or that they want to come by because they know it’s over, I do not know. Anyway, I will not get rid of everything in brewing until the new year, “he says.

May be an exhibition in the dock

In addition to the love for used items, the shopkeeper has also committed himself to preserving the stately wooden bridge from which the store is operated.

He has long opened for it to be used as museums and exhibitions. Now it may look like this at least for a period becomes a reality.

– The Coast Museum has contacted to inquire about the possibility of an exhibition about Otto Sverdrup in the bridge. If they wish, I’ll get the second floor cleaned to them, “says Follestad.

He has for many years called for commitment to preserve the bridge, and hopes to find an activity that can preserve the historical values ​​it possesses.

Store to be closed on 31st December.

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