Tonga should be back online again soon

After almost two weeks without access to social media after a cable break, people in Tonga can expect to finally be able to log in again this weekend.

The archipelago of the Pacific has for over a week and a half experienced a forced “digital detox” after an underwater cable smoke and the country lost its internet connection.

All communication with the outside world – including the ability to call abroad – disappeared when the cable smoked, but eventually satellite communication has led to the island state not being completely cut off from the rest of the world. But to keep the lines open and save on precious bandwidth, governments have shut down access to YouTube, Facebook and other social media.

For the regular citizen, it has been difficult to do anything more than check email and get through credit card payments. But during the week, Tongans will again be part of the modern communication revolution.

Tonga Cable Ltd. says it was probably a ship anchor that cut into the cable several times.

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