Toll protest party can end up on the lap in Bergen

A newly founded protest party against tolls in Bergen gets more support than KrF and may end up in the city council.

Folkeaksjonen No to more toll fee gets 3 percent up to a poll Response Analysis has been done for Bergens Tidende. It would give the newly established party two mandates in the city council and a possible tilting position between different city constellations, writes the newspaper.

– This is just the beginning. We have gone from zero to three percent in a few months. In January, the boom tariffs increase, and in April there will be 15 new Bergen stations in Bergen. Then I’m sure that our upturn will increase even more, “says Trym Aafløy, chairman.

The measurement gives the reddish page – Ap, SV, Red, MDG and Sp – 32 mandates, while the center-right parties – H, Frp, V, KrF – get 33 mandates. If it had been the election result, the bompengepartiet could help decide who would be in charge of Bergen.

Currently, the shareholders have no party program, but Aafløy places the party in the center.

– This is a grassroots movement of people who are tired of paying tolls. It is a cross section of the population, which means that people from many political camps can vote for us, says Aafløy.

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