Toll for electric cars in Trondheim

Aps mayor of Trondheim and Trøndelag County Councilor believe the time has come for the city’s electric drivers to pay tolls.

Mayor Rita Ottervik and County Mayor Tore O. Sandvik – both from the Labor Party – agree that the introduction of tolls for electric cars is necessary if the goal of zero growth in car traffic is to be reached, writes Adresseavisen .

– This is quite simple. Trondheim is committed to achieving the zero growth target. An electric car counts as much as an ordinary car and then the electric cars must also pay, says the county chairman.

– It is fair that they should be involved in paying for the roads they use, he says and points out that road development is part of the environmental package in Trondheim.

Ottervik says there should be lower toll rates – and parking fees – for electric cars than for fossil cars.

– I think many realize that they have to take part of the bill. With large savings on parking and booms, electric cars are still favorable, and that should be, says Ottervik.

The current booms are within Trondheim’s borders, but the mayor believes it is natural to approach the municipalities around, and to the county municipality, to get a common policy.

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