Tokyo’s world famous fish market closes after 83 years

Tokyo’s world-famous fish market closed on Saturday after 83 years. Authorities has shifted the fish market to the new area to deal with pollution of both ground and the air. There has been huge demonstrations and protests against the decision to move to a new area.

Fish market had around 900 outlets and now have to move into a new plant in Toyosu, about 2 kilometers southeast from the old market. The new market opens on Thursday.

Relocation of fish market was delayed by almost two years. The new plant is in a location that was previously the place of production for gas which worries vendors of outlets.

“A series of measures have been implemented and the safety of the people involved has been taken care of,” said Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike during the opening ceremony of the new facility last month.

But the workers who start their new workplace on Thursday are not only worried about pollution. They also show that Toyosu is less central than Tsukiji. The old market area is within walking distance of the Ginza district, where there are many restaurants and shops.

The fish market Tsukiji has been one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tokyo, and the famous turkey tuna auctions attracted visitors, especially from abroad.

More than 230,000 square meters of Tsukiji area will now be converted to parking facilities for the Olympics in 2020. The road ahead is unclear, but the governor has proposed to further develop Tsukiji and turn it into a food zone.

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