Tiger killed endangered tiger in zoo in London

A male tiger in London Zoo killed his potential partner just minutes after they were put together for the first time. The tigers belong to an endangered species.

– Today, London Zoo lost our dear sumatran tiger Melati. Everyone in the zoo is desperate about the loss of Melati, and we are shattered by what has happened, the zoo says in a statement.

Another sumatran tiger, the male Asim, was brought in from a Danish zoo, with the goal that the two tigers should create new offspring in the zoo, which is the world’s oldest scientific animal park.

Unfortunately, this did not happen. Ten days after the male owner arrived at the zoo, the two tigers were given the opportunity to socialize for the first time to get to know each other. According to the zoo, there is always some risk in such meetings with two adult tigers who do not know each other.

The meeting between the two escalated instantly into an aggressive tone and the two tigers barked together. When the animal caretakers got the male tiger over to a separate enclosure, the endangered sumatran tiger Melati was already dead.

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