Throughout Denmark, Kim Larsen is remembered

Thousands of Danes in several cities went on a Friday night to commemorate the popular love rocker Kim Larsen. 30,000 people participated in Copenhagen alone.

– Kim Larsen does not live anymore, but it does in his songs and they belong to all, Forever. Denmark cares and for good reason, actor Anne Marie Helger said during the Copenhagen mark.

Thousands also met in other Danish cities more participants were seen in Odense and Aarhus.

Care and pleasure

It is with a feeling of both sadness and joy Kim Larsen was praised, according to Odense mark co-organizer Mathias Hansen. The singer, guitarist, songwriter and the actor died Sunday after long-term illness at 72 years old.

“We have lost a great artist, but at the same time we are looking forward to his musical work. There will be many Danes doing forever, said Hansen.


At 18 o’clock there were 10,000 attendants in Odense. The people’s voyage went on to Lørups Vinstue, which was Larsen’s tribunal in the city. Along the way, the church bells in Odense Cathedral played the Gasolin Classics “Lots of Success” and “What We Do, Little You”.

“We are completely overwhelmed by how many people encountered. It is absolutely fantastic and beyond all expectations. I think there are many who need to mark the farewell to the great folk artist, both to say goodbye and to honor his music, “Hansen said.

Singing and dancing

In Aarhus, 5,000 Danes met to celebrate Larsen. According to one of the organizers, the folk choir was filled with singing and dancing.

“We hold a minute’s silence, but people were happy afterwards. It should not be a mourning day, because such was not Kim’s spirit, says Steffen Petersen, who arranged the Aarhus train together with Jannie Sicko.

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