Three men arrested for the killing of Norwegian and Danish women

Three Moroccan men were arrested on Tuesday by the police in Morocco, suspected of killing Norwegian Maren Ueland and Danish Louisa Vesterager Jespersen.

One man was arrested on Tuesday morning. A source of awareness of the investigation informs VG and the Moroccan TV station 2M that another two men were arrested on Tuesday afternoon.

It was previously announced that the first arrested is from Marrakech, while the last two come from the coastal city of Safi. However, a source from the city of Imlil says to the Morocco World News (MWN) website that all three detainees are domiciled in Marrakech.

The two women were found killed in a mountain area near the Imlil village in the Atlas Mountains south of Marrakech in Morocco Monday.

Identification cards

According to several media, the suspects should have setup camp near the place where the two women had camped. According to eyewitnesses, the suspects left the area at 3 o’clock night before the women were found Monday.

– They suspected the camp in the area where the murder occurred. Witness the group at night while on the way to the campsite, says a source of the Moroccan newspaper.

The detainees were captured by surveillance cameras placed in stores in Imlil on Monday night, and are now in police custody. The police also found an identification card belonging to one of the detainees where they suspect had camped.

Unclear motive

Moroccan police are now trying to establish possible motives for the killings of the two Scandinavian women.

“The investigation will show if there is a criminal gang and if they had planned the killings. The investigators will reveal motives and details, says VG’s source.

According to VG, Morocco’s response to the FBI, BCIJ, is leading the investigation, which according to the newspaper may indicate that the case may include extremism, terrorism and / or the security of the nation.

Before the arrest of the last two men, a Moroccan official told the VG that the first police officer had indicated that there were three others involved. He states that all suspects should be Moroccan men.

Found by tourists

There were tourists in the area who found the two killed women. One source tells MWN that a local guide met crying tourists who told what they had seen. The guide then contacted local police.

According to this source, robbery can almost be ruled out as a motive, as none of the two killed women’s assets are gone.

According to the Danish newspaper BT Louisa Vesterager Jespersen traveled to Morocco against the wishes of the family. The 24-year-old’s mother tells her that she asked her daughter not to leave because of the chaotic situation in the country. Maren Uelands mother tells the Norwegian media that the women traveled to Morocco on December 9th to spend their vacation on backpacking in the country.

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