Three injured in accident in military vehicles in Hedmark

Four military vehicles on county road 26 in Engerdal in Hedmark were involved in an accident. Three person is reported to be injured and one with inflicted head and neck damage. He was rushed to Lillehammer Hospital. Other two persons were transported to Tynset Hospital, announcing the police in the Inland.

“There has been a collision between two major military vehicles. Both are in the ditch and we have been notified that three people have been injured, says operations manager Atle B. von Obstfelder in the Inland Police District.

The police first reported the accident at 9:38 on Saturday morning. It was in connection with the ongoing exercise Trident Juncture that the accident occurred at Isterfossen in the south of Lake Isteren that the accident occurred, Innlandet police police said.

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– Questions about nationality, the Armed Forces will answer when they have an overview and have been notified in their system, the operation manager writes in an update.

All emergency services moved to the accident site. The most seriously injured person is transported to hospital with air ambulance.

The operation manager explains that the police must investigate all traffic accidents, even those that occur in connection with a military exercise.

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