Three cars involved in an accident in Trondheim

Several cars stuck in traffic after three cars were involved in an accident in Byåsveien. Flow of traffic is normal now.

The collision happened at the traffic lights spot Byåsveien / Sverdrups road in the direction of the center. Three car were involved in collision in which two of them had major damage in front end. One of the person involved reported back pain and was transferred to hospital in an ambulance. Other than that no serious damage is reported for now.

Chain Collision

“We were told that a chain collision had occurred,” said Sten-Endre Nordås-Hansen, deputy leader in the police.

– Three cars were involved in the event. It should have happened in connection with braking, he says.

There is a police on site that directs traffic by, but not particularly slow-moving queues. Mountain bike is on site.

“The collision occurred in the lane towards the city. It has bumped on some traffic challenges as one car did not run afterwards, said the deputy leader.

By 8:30 the road was cleared and traffic flow was stabilised.

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