Threat defendant Mohyeldeen Mohammad arrested

Police have arrested threatened Mohyeldeen Mohammad, reports VG.

Mohammad was arrested at his house on Tuesday at 7.30, and was sent to prison on Tuesday morning. The court will decide whether Mohammad should be imprisoned to make sure he meets the threat case against him. Mohammad was to meet in Oslo District Court on Tuesday, charged with threats against parliamentary deputy Abid Raja (V). The case was postponed as Mohammad did not meet when the case was due to start on October 22. He was then called for.

Mohammad’s defender, Brynjar Meling, told NTB this weekend that his client should put in Oslo District Court to the exposed trial.

– My client is in court on Tuesday morning. He is aware that he has never had any other purpose than that, Meling stated.

Mohammad released a video on YouTube on Saturday explaining why he did not meet in court in October.

– I never received a statement of charges or information about the time and place I had to meet. I actually did not know that my presence there was necessary at all, he said in the video, as TV 2 showed Sunday.

The Islamist Mohammad has been charged with calling Abida Raja a “filthy fallen Muslim” who should rot in hell.

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