Thousands of civilians killed in the war fighting against IS

US army has been withdrawn by president Trump from Syria last week. President calls an end of war with IS and states that ground of war has been stabilised and most of the IS leaders are terminated. However, in the US-led war on IS in Syria and Iraq, 12,000 civilians lives were claimed. It is ten times more than the coalition recognizes.

Independent British organization Airwars has received reports that up to 28,000 civilians have been killed in over 30,000 air strikes over the past four years against alleged IS targets in Syria and Iraq.

Airwars has investigated the reports and believes with certainty that 11,636 civilians have been killed in the attacks, including nearly 2,000 children and over 1,000 women.

Over one-third of all civilians killed in Syria and Iraq since 2014 have been killed by the US-led coalition that is also part of Norway, Airwars estimated earlier this year.

Massive bombing

US first air raid was in Arbil in Irag on August 8, 2014 since then it is estimated that over 100,000 bombs and rockets were fired in both the countries on IS suspected targets

American aircraft are still on the wings of Syria and Iraq, and the operation has therefore been going beyond the US Civil War and the United States’ First and Second World War.

Flights from the UK, France and the Netherlands also continue to participate in the attacks, which have been crucial to defeating IS.

According to the Pentagon, the extreme Islamist group now controls only 1 percent of the areas they previously had in Syria and Iraq.

Recognize getting civilian losses

While Airwars believes it can detect civilian casualties in at least 1,351 air strikes over the past four years, the US-led coalition has only recognized civilian casualties in 262 of the attacks.

It was almost nine months of massive bombing before the coalition admitted for the first time that civilian life could have been lost in an attack.

The coalition recognizes that 1,124 civilians are probably killed in the attacks, but maintains that everything is being done to minimize the loss of civilian life.

Requires scrutiny

– We’re not perfect. We can make mistakes, and during such warfare, there will be tragedies. But we are the ones who are good, and the innocent people on the battlefield know the difference between us and the others, said the coalition’s then commander-in-chief, General Stephen J. Townsend in 2017.

Human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have repeatedly demanded scrutiny and believe that the US-led coalition may have committed war crimes during the massive bombing.

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