Thousand of Norwegians students social security number breached in Oslo

The University of Oslo regrets that a journal of lawyers was sent to over 4,000 students with the social security visible by the name and address.

“This is a clear breach of personal information security, and the case is serious,” the Norwegian Data Inspectorate states, according to NRK.

In an email on Thursday, the subscribers were informed that the journal was sent to over 4,000 law students with full name and address together with all eleven digits of the social security number fully visible on the back. The University of Oslo (UiO) is tired of the inconvenience.

“Of course, it is very regrettable, and we take this seriously,” said Hanna Ekeli, department director at the department for technical support.

Students are advised to follow up on whether credit checks are made in their name in the future, in case someone tries to abuse their social security number in any way. They are also advised to iron the birth number of the magazine they received in the mail.

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