Theatre shows called off due to passing away of Ida Eide

Oslo New Theatre canceled two shows of the “Spanish fly” as a result of Ida Eide’s (30) unfortunate death this weekend. She was cohabitant with the comedian Nils Ingar Aadne. He had to play the role of Henrik Meisel in the “Spanish fly” at Oslo Nye Teater on 3rd September.

Former cross-country skier had a cardiac arrest during the exercise at Jessheim. She was later declared dead at the hospital.

The theatre informed that both Tuesday and Wednesday’s show has been called off.

It is with great sorrow that we inform Nils-Ingar Aadne, who is involved in the Spanish fly, lost his cohabitant Ida Eide this weekend. Our thoughts go primarily to Nils-Ingar and the families, writes the theater on their websites .

We are playing the Spanish fly again on Thursday 6/9, Friday 7/9 and Saturday 8/9.

The theatre also announced that they are talking to Aadne’s management regarding the future performances.




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