Thea Mørk quits her career as handball player for Norway

Norwegian female handball player Thea Mørk plays after major injury problems. National team manager Thorir Hergeirsson says it is sad that she could not play to her true potential. 

– It’s very sad, but I feel ready. I can’t bear anymore, says Mørk in an interview to the TV2 channel.

The 27-year-old, who has a long history of injury, received his debut in the Handball Championship in December, but only managed to play five minutes because of injury.

She has been injured for most of her junior and senior careers. She got the opportunity during the European Championships, but unfortunately she did not show what lives in her, says national team chief Thorir Hergeirsson to NTB.

I feel tired

Mørk breaks the contract with Copenhagen and gives up his career. She never met the dream of playing championships with the twin sister Nora.

– I have had so many injuries, but still hoped so much about getting involved in the championship. When I finally was there, the body didn’t tolerate it either. I get tired of having to take so many considerations into a body that is not playing. I feel I am not competitive, says Mørk to TV 2.

– When the body does not want more, I have great respect for the decision she has made, says the national team manager.


Thea Mørk has been injured throughout his career. Three times the cruciate ligament has smoked and four times the left shoulder has been out of joints, where she once had to operate. Twice she has had inflammation of the Achilles, and she has also had stretch injuries, upper jaws and various minor injuries.

Altogether, this has led to a break from the handball in five and a half years.

Now Mørk takes up his studies again. A master’s degree in renewable energy at Ås will be completed in spring 2020.

– I studied a lot in the time in Larvik. Now it will be full time. When the others go to the Tokyo Olympics, I have the master ready. So if anyone has a job for me then I’m ready.

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