The president of Interpol disappeared during trip in China

The president of Interpol, Meng Hong-wei, has disappeared during a visit to his home country, informs the International Police Organization. Authorities says they have last seen him when he left the Interpol’s office in Lyon, France in late September on his way to China. It was his wife who reported him missing.

French police have started investigating the disappearance, but it is clear that he did not disappear in France. According to the authorities, he traveled from the country on 29 September.

Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post writes on Friday that Meng is under investigation by the security authorities in China. According to the newspaper, he was taken away immediately after his plane landed in Beijing. It is not clear what he is looking for or where he is.

Meng is the first Chinese president of Interpol, who coordinates the work of the police in 192 countries. Meng was earlier vice-minister of public security in China, which gave him control over the secret police.


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