The municipality suspects that hot water systems were behind legionella infection in Vesterålen

A person died in a nursing home at Sortland after being infect with Legionella bacteria. The municipality suspects that the infection may have come through the hot water system.

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Health and Care Manager Sture Jacobsen in Sortland municipality confirms the death earlier.

It was a person who had just moved into the Lamarktunet Living and Rehabilitation Center at Sortland, which died shortly after the legionella massage was detected. The nursing home has 60 residents.

In recent years about 20 people have been infected annually by legionella in this country. Most survive.

The source of infection at Sortland has not been confirmed, but the municipality suspects it is from the hot water. As a rigorous measure, therefore, all piping at the nursing home is flushed with hot water at high temperature to kill any legionella bacteria.

There are also water samples to be analyzed and new technical equipment is ordered.

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