The Ministry of Defense scrapes equipment woth 533,000 kr after spy detetction

The Norwegian ministry of defense has purchased components for more than $ 500,000 by the company named Supermicro, who unknowingly should have spread spy equipment for Chinese authorities.

One of Supermicro’s Norwegian customers is the Ministry of Defense, which in June 2017 paid 533,188 kroner for two components from this, VG writes . Now the equipment is removed.

– The Defense Department has purchased products from Super Micro Inc for testing purposes. The products have not been connected to our ICT systems nor will they be used in the future, communications advisor Lars Gjemble writes in an email to the newspaper.

It was the American financial newspaper Bloomberg Businessweek , which came with the sensational claim of the Chinese spy business on Thursday. One of Supermicro’s Chinese subcontractors should have let Chinese military agents plant spyware on goods delivered to the component manufacturer.

10,000 servers in Norway

Geir Elstad CEO of Nextron, one of Supermicro’s distributors in Norway, said to VG that they have sold around 10,000 servers from Supermicro to around 1,000 different customers.

“There are customers in both the public and private sectors. Among other things, we have customers in research, oil and gas, the media and universities, says Elstad.

– Supermicro has stated that they have not been familiar with this investigation or have been contacted by the US authorities regarding the matter. They have also not been provided proof or documentation of what has happened, “says General Manager of Nextron.

Elstad emphasizes that there is currently no information that products sold in Norway are infected. They have therefore not initiated any measures.

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