The government proposes to make changes in housing law

The proposal for change has three main points. Among other things, the government wishes to remove the reservation that “the house is sold as it is”, according to  Dagens Næringsliv.

“Now you have to show that a deficiency is” significant “to complain, but by removing the reservation, many more deficiencies could be made applicable,” says Secretary of State Sveinung Rotevatn (V) in the Ministry of Justice for the newspaper.

The other proposals include a clarification of the general deficiency concept and a clarification of the buyer’s obligation to investigate and requirements for the status reports. It will make it easier to assess whether a shortcoming is significant or not. Additionally, state reports, tariffs and the like are standardized so that they do not become a source of long-term discussions between the parties in a conflict.

In the summer, the Ministry of Justice has conducted a hearing on the amendment of the Disposal Act. Last week there was also a meeting where the consultation bodies could comment on a concrete proposal for changes.

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