The danger level is maintained in Veslemannen mountain

As reported lately by Norgedaily, Veslemannen danger level was increased to red, it is maintained at same level as the movements have increased a lot in recent hours as per NVE. The residents are still not called to return to their homes.

Residents under the man in Romsdalen were evacuated Tuesday night after increasing speeds in the unstable mountain range and warning of large rainfall in the mountains.

“There has been less rainfall than the warning, but late in the night there has been more rain, and the mountain’s movements have increased a lot over the last few hours. The movements now have a daily rate of 15-20 cm / di upper part and 2-3 cm / di lower part. In some parts of the upper part, the speed is above 40 cm / d, says geo-geologist Lene Kristensen in the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) in a press release Wednesday.

During Wednesday there have been several smaller breeds from Veslemannen, which is quietly unstable.

– There is more rainfall reported as rain and slurry in the next few hours, but it will get colder, NVE says.

Residents in the area have now been evacuated for the third time in a week, for the fourth time this year and for the ninth time since 2014.

When the inhabitants of the area were evacuated last week, there were several slopes and stone jumps from Veslemannen, but the great landslide you have feared has not yet happened. 

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