The danger level for Veslemannen is increased to red – residents are evacuated

Danger level on Veslemannen has been raised to red. There has been significant increase in movements in mountain and NVE raised the danger levels for the mountains in Rauma municipality to red and residents are evacuated.

Norwegian Water Resources Directorate (NVE) on Tuesday afternoon raised the danger level for the mountain area – first to orange, later in the afternoon to red and have banned the traffic flow surrounding the mountain range.

“Due to the danger of landslides and movements in the mountainside above Lyngheim in Romsdalen, an order is issued for traffic and detention in the area,” the police in Møre og Romsdal said.

Movements in the mountain range have been stable in recent days, around 10 centimeters per day in the upper area and 1-1.5 centimeters per day in the lower front. It has been relatively cold and there is a lot of snow in the mountains.

“It has now become milder and it has begun to rain. At the same time, the speed in the upper part of the mountain range has increased to about 20 centimeters per day and to 1-3 centimeters per day in the lower front part. Some smaller sections in the middle section also show increased movements, says geo-geologist Ingrid Skrede in NVE.

There has been increase in rainfall and authorities believe this could increase more movements in the mountain. 13-20 mm of rainfall was reported till Tuesday midnight.

Veslemannen is a small part but equals about 1% of the total volume of The Man which makes it important and active part of the mountain. Veslemannen has a volume of 120,000-180,000 cubic meters.

The danger of race has led the residents of Veslemannen to have been evacuated a number of times in recent years.

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