Thailand’s boat Phoneix wreckage found which killed 47 Chinese tourists in July

Thai authorities have recovered the wreckage of a sunken boat that crashed during bad weather outside Phuket in July. The remains of boat recovered after 4 months of tragedy. 47 Chinese tourists lost their lives in the accident.

Phoenix was one of two boats canting outside the southern Thai tourist island on July 5th. The other tourist boat was rescued while the Phoenix double decker boat sank with 47 Chinese tourists on board. It was the worst tourist -related accident in Thailand.

According to the authorities of Thailand, Phoenix was found 45 meters below sea level, and on Saturday the wreck was raised by a crane ship operated by a salvage company from Singapore, officials said.

An initial attempt was made to lift the boat by an another company which failed to recover the boat and lost a member of team during recovery operation.

Police officials are investigating the case and have charged 5 people so far, including the owner and two operators of the Phoenix.They have been accused of negligence causing death, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. Officials said other people are also under investigation, including some at the company that built the boat.


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