T-banen chaos in Oslo west

On the T-rail, two lines were halted for three hours fore repair

People found difficult to commute today morning when traffic was stopped for three hours on lines 2 and 3 west of Oslo, T-rail traffic usually resumed just before 9 o’clock.

The expressway experienced a full stop on two out of five lines Wednesday morning. The reason was signal problems on line 3 Kolsås and line 2 Østerås, illuminated Sporveien on Twitter. The other lines, however, went as normal.

At 8:50 the problems were resolved and traffic was running again, but not without consequences.

-We must assume large delays on all lines due to this, sporveien writes .

Also court Nor reporting problems on its rail traffic Wednesday morning. A train blocked a track at Nationaltheatret station in Oslo city center and had to be removed. This caused delays in the rest of the morning traffic.

In rail traffic, signal failures between Asker and Lysaker, at Strømmen and at Ås station, also caused several delays and ripples for the further traffic.


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