Swimming: Henrik Christiansen checked for the new World Cup final

Henrik Christiansen had the third best time when he qualified for Sunday’s final at 1500 meters free in the short-world Cup in swimming.

Romerikingen clocked in to time 14.28.90. With that, he won his trial heat, while it completely divulged 6.75 and 0.65 seconds respectively to Mykhailo Romantsjuk (Ukraine) and Damien Joly (France).

On the map, Christiansen has 14.21.53 as personal record at 1500 meters. He achieved that in Berlin in August 2017.

The 22-year-old swims Sunday’s final in Chinese Hangzhou at 11.07 Norwegian time. On Tuesday he took the World Cup 400m free. It was Norway’s first World Cup medal for six years.

Grandpa Tomoe Zenimoto Hvas ended second last in his heat at 400 meters medley Saturday. He had the time 4.12.56 and ended up in a 21st place. Only the eight best went on to the final.

On the women’s 100 meter butterfly, Emilie Nyenget Løvstrøm just did not manage to move on. With 58.24, she became a total of 17 in the qualification. The 16 best advanced to semifinals.

Susann Bjørnsen swam to 24.87 at 50 meters free. It held for a 21st place. She has thus finished World Cup in China.


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