Swedish parties agree on new prime minister

The Social Democrats have entered into an agreement with the Green Party, the Center and the Liberals, and the parties agree with the Prime Minister’s question, says Aftonbladet.

The negotiations on the government issue are in a final sprint, informing several unnamed sources of the Swedish newspaper.

According to the source of the Aftonbladet, the three parties agree on the difficult issues related to labor law, rental regulation and family reunification, which led to negotiations being stalemate before Christmas. They will also agree on who will be Sweden’s new prime minister.

Several of the parties mentioned are supposed to have meetings during the weekend to try to anchor the agreement in their respective party organization. The center and the Social Democrats will meet on Friday, sources say.


The election in Sweden last September ended with a stalled situation, since the Swedish Democrats (SD) ended up on the tilt between the right and left sides. Nobody wants to cooperate with right-wing populist SD, and after the election, countless and so far unsuccessful attempts have been made to form a government that the Riksdag can accept.

Social Democrats leader Stefan Löfven has also previously attempted to establish a coalition government with his current government partner Miljöpartiet and the bourgeois parties Centern and Liberals, but he was voted down when the previous prime ministerial vote took place on 14 December.

Center leader Annie Lööf came up with a tough list of demands and said that Löfven “had to lead a civil policy” if he were to become prime minister, which was too much to swallow for the Social Democrats. According to Aftonbladet, they have allegedly agreed more in this round of negotiations than they did last.

Dead alliance

Both the Center and the Liberals have participated in the bourgeois Alliance, which ruled Sweden in the years. But the block is now dead for all practical purposes.

The first shot fell when the Center and Liberals voted down Moderate leader Ulf Kristersson as prime ministerial candidate in November last year. If the Center and the Liberals decide to release Löfven, it will entail a definite breach with the Moderates and the Christian Democrats for this time.

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