Swedish big bank is suspected of money laundering

The Swedish bank Swedbank is suspected of having laundered billions of kroner, and the money laundering should be related to the scandal in Danske Bank, SVT reports.

A total of at least SEK 40 billion has been closed between accounts in Swedbank and Danske Bank’s branches in the Baltic countries, according to the SVT program Uppdrag granskning .

SVT has for several months had access to a large amount of secret documents showing that a large number of transactions took place between customers in Danske Bank and Swedbank in the years 2007 to 2015.

Major transactions in the bank have links to previously known, large money laundering scandals.

According to SVT, there are, among other things, talk of customers who are mailbox companies with addresses in the UK, companies that do not have telephone numbers and other contact information and who do not seem to operate any kind of business.

Swedbank customers have sent about SEK 300 million to a number of 40 companies at the same address. There are also thousands of Swedbank customers with accounts in the Baltic States, but who are registered overseas, not least in tax havens such as the British Virgin Islands and Belize.

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