Sweden will have faster military cooperation with Finland

The Swedish government is working on a proposal that allows them to get or give military support to Finland faster in the future by avoiding the Riksdag.

– We hope that the proposal will be presented to the Riksdag as soon as possible and that we have a law that will come into force next year, says Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist to the news agency TT.

The proposal is based on an investigation that was made last spring. The investigation pointed out that the close defense cooperation with Finland requires that a decision on military support in a crisis situation can be taken faster. It also pointed out that in some cases the government should be able to make decisions without having to go through the Riksdag.

Support for attack

One of the cases is if Finland asks for support to prevent or detect unwanted in Finnish territory. It can be about an ongoing submarine chase, guarding Finnish airspace or sending troops to protect the border.

Another case is whether Sweden is subjected to an armed attack and must request immediate assistance from Finland, or that they also need assistance to prevent something undesirable from happening on Swedish territory.

If, on the other hand, Finland is attacked and wants military support, this must through the Riksdag. The reason is that such an effort can be perceived as a declaration of war.

– In a crisis situation, it is important to help each other mutually, says Hultqvist.

The proposal is not yet complete, and there are more details that remain.

Exercise north of Sweden

In just over a week, the Northern Wind military exercise begins with about 10,000 participants, of whom 7,000 are foreign.

4,600 Norwegian soldiers will participate in the exercise, which will be held in Norrbotten north in Sweden. British and American soldiers will also participate.

The exercise runs from March 18 to March 27.

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