SVT dismisses the immigration statements made by Åkesson, SD now decided to boycott SVT

SVT is in favor to dismiss the statements on immigration made by SD’s director Jimmie Åkesson’s. SD is not so happy about the dismissal and is now planning to boycott SVT.
Sweden is holding an election on Sunday, September 9. SVT, the Swedish National Broadcasting Corporation, held a party leadership debate on Friday evening. It was the last debate before the elections on Sunday.
The Swedish Democrats, unhappy with SVT, demanded an apology from SVT’s side. Eva Landahl, who is responsible for SVT’s electoral coverage, met the Swedish Democrats press officer Henrik Vinge on Saturday.

“I support our assessment. We have recently been a member of the Examination Board for a similar situation in the News, and we take the review committee’s judgments seriously, says SVT chief Hanna Stjärne in a written statement on Saturday morning.

Vinge said after the meeting that they did not receive any apology from SVT and will not take a back step in boycotting SVT election watch on Sunday.
“We will bring the matter to the Board of Auditors, and we will decide whether or not we will participate in the election Sunday or not,” Vinge says.

What actually happened?

During the SVT’s debate on Friday, Åkesson made a statement related to the job opportunity of the immigrants which directly implied that the immigrants do not fit in.
The Center Party leader Annie Lööf could not digest it and said angrily “How are you expressing yourself?”
“Stop screaming and screaming in every debate,” answered Åkesson.
Following the debate, SVT’s debate leader Martina Nord took a stand from Åkesson’s statements.

“We should start by saying that Jimmie Åkesson’s statement was grossly generalizing, and SVT is taking a distance from it,” said Nord.
Martin Kinnunen, Åkesson’s party celebrity leader, returned the argument strongly on the Twitter after the incident.
Afterward, the press officer Henrik Vinge demanded a meeting with Landahl and asked for a regret.
“It was she who made the decision to disregard our integration policy. I’m going to put this out as a scandal. We demand a quick and clear excuse, wrote Vinge on Twitter.

Other media also not happy with SVT
Lars Kabel, a lecturer at the Danish Media and Journalist High School stated that SVT’s approach does not offer it a bright image.
“I do not think it makes sense to do it two days before a choice, even if the SVT would like to distance and fear to be legally and morally responsible for some very hard statements,” said Kabel.
Nor does Danish TV2’s news editor Mikkel Hertz agree with SVT’s decision.

– This is very unusual for a public broadcaster. I do not think it’s a debate leader’s task to relate to the views that emerge, “said Hertz.

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