Sven Mollekleiv nominated as new sports president

The nomination committee of the Norwegian Sports Association has nominated Sven Mollekleiv as the new sports president. Elisabeth Faret and Johann Olav Koss are nominated as vice presidents.

It became clear when the nomination committee presented the recommendation for the new board on Friday.

Mollekleiv, together with Berit Kjøll, has been considered a favorite among the six candidates. Current sports president Tom Tvedt wants re-election, but is uncertain whether he will take up the fight.

– I’m very disappointed! I have to think about and go some rounds with them I have a close and good cooperation with in the sport, says Tvedt to .

Tvedt has been a sports president since 2011, but on Friday Sven Mollekleiv was nominated as presidential candidate by the nomination committee of the Norwegian Sports Association. Tvedt himself was not present when the recommendation was presented at Ullevaal stadium.

The Sports Federation has been subjected to harsh criticism from both the OAG and the public for the use of public funds in Tvedt’s period as president. Tvedt himself thinks he has worked hard to clean up the mess in recent years.

– I really want to continue the work that I have started. I have been working for two years with receipts and restructurings of the entire organization and have been doing things that sports presidents should not do, but now I have cleaned up this and delivered the most open organization throughout Norway, including the Storting, Tvedt says.

The sports president for the period 2019-2023 is elected at the sports stadium in Lillehammer in May.

Mollekleiv is 64 years old and has broad experience from Norwegian sports. He has, among other things, been information manager at the Norwegian Sports Association, marketing manager at the Norwegian Football Association and information and development manager at the Norwegian Athletics Association. The 64-year-old has also worked with the ice hockey team. In recent years he has been the leader of the Football Association’s ethics committee.

He is probably best known for many years to have been Secretary-General and later President of the Norwegian Red Cross. Mollekleiv launched its candidacy as a new sports president last summer.

Otherwise, these are recommended to the board of the Norwegian Sports Association: Elisabeth Faret (1st Vice President) and Johann Olav Koss (2nd Vice President), Sebastian Henriksen, Sara Stokken Rott, Sonde Sande Gullord, Zaineb Al Samarai, Ole Jørstad, Vibecke Sørensen, Astrid Strandbu, Erik Unaas.

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